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                           Buy a Business or Real Estate Investment

Buying a business or real estate investment can be exciting with our Free expert assistance. Call John direct (561)602-2519. With over 30 years success as a business owner and success as a business transaction broker, John will help you Succeed.

With our advanced search engine feature, All Businesses For Sale In Florida, you can search by county, industry category, business size, revenue and earnings size. When you find a business or real estate investment that you are interested in, the negotiations and purchasing process can be stressful, especially for first-time business buyers.

Our expertise is representing you, the buyer, in all negotiations creating methods and concepts that will lead to a successful acquisition. The bottom line is that you’re going to need help to find and purchase a business or commercial real estate investment. Fortunately, BUSINESS EXCHANGE of FLORIDA in association with Florida Business Brokers has a team of professionals and plenty of resources to help you along the way. We are the top investment brokers Florida has seen in recent times as experts in negotiatinon on your behalf and get you pre-qualified for SBA financing if necessary.  

[Search Here All Businesses For Sale In Florida]

(Businesses Available in 86 Categories)



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Call John today (561) 602-2519 to list and sell a business or sell commercial real estate to 1000's of active business buyers and active commercial real estate brokers looking daily for investment opportunities. Get the attention of business brokers and real estate brokers searching on behalf of their clients for businesses and real estate opportunities.

Business Brokers and Real Estate Brokers are valuable with their expertise when you sell a business or sell commercial real estate. It's important to have an experienced professional help and guide you through the process. Our qualified licensed Brokers will represent you setting a price, advertising, negotiating with prospective buyers, and dealing with legal and financial issues that need to be addressed.

A simple phone call, fax, or e-mail from anywhere in the world could change your life and your future. Florida Business Brokers are a collection of leading business brokers in Florida. We specialize in sales, acquisitions and franchising of businesses located in the state. Selling a business in Florida can be a cumbersome process with difficulties finding serious qualified buyers. Florida Business Brokers a division of the Beech Group Mergers and Acquisitions can assist you step-by-step through the process of selling your business or commercial investment property providing you with a highly reliable and realistic valuation so you can begin the sales process. You can get your initial valuation with us for free.

Call us to handle a business sale, acquisition or a franchising project. You can rely on us to get things done.

For personal services contact John Cimba Sr at Florida Business Brokers LLC. and its division The Beech Group, Mergers and Acquisitions.  Direct Line (561) 602-2519

Licensed Business and Real Estate Associate.



Helping People Reach The American Dream!

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Featured Listings Sold

Muffler Installation and Service Shop - SOLD!
FL - $400,000.00

Payday Loans - SOLD!
FL - $4,000,000.00

Air Charter Business - SOLD!
FL - $500,000.00

Limousine Business - SOLD!
FL - $375,000.00

Auto Tire and Service Center - SOLD!
FL - $1,300,000.00

Boat Motorcycle Sales Marina - SOLD!
FL - $4,000,000.00

Auto Body Shop - SOLD!
FL - $500,000.00

Gas Station, Convenience store - SOLD!
FL - $1,000,000.00

Gas Station, Convience store - SOLD!
FL - $950,000.00

Auto Repair Shop - SOLD!
FL - $450,000.00

Painting Contractor - SOLD!
FL - $150,000.00

Copy Center - SOLD!
FL - $250,000.00

Coin Laundry Dry Cleaning - SOLD!
FL - $400,000.00

Nurse Registry - SOLD!
FL - $1,350,000.00

Celluar Phone Store - SOLD!
FL - $200,000.00

Beauty Salon and Spa - SOLD!
FL - $165,000.00

Clothing Store - SOLD!
FL - $600,000.00

Restaurant - SOLD!
FL - $50,000.00

Educational Toy Store - SOLD!
FL - $425,000.00

Trucking Business - SOLD!
FL - $1,650,000.00

Apartment Building - SOLD!
FL - $2,500,000.00

Auto Used Cars - SOLD!
FL - $1,500,000.00

Dry Cleaners - SOLD!
FL - $400,000.00

Dry Cleaner - SOLD!
FL - $600,000.00

Dry Cleaner - SOLD!
FL - $175,000.00

Accounting Firm - SOLD!
FL - $300,000.00

Interior Decorating - SOLD!
FL - $149,900.00

Accounting & Tax Practice - SOLD!
FL - $1,300,000.00

Check Cashing - SOLD!
FL - $300,000.00

Pawn Shop - SOLD!
FL - $600,000.00

Cigar Store - SOLD!
FL - $250,000.00

Pawn Shop - SOLD!
FL - $400,000.00

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